Anna Litvak

Enriching Lives

Anna Litvak, Children, Comunity l

This past June, I had the opportunity to work with the Art of Giving Project and its founder, Anna Litvak. I became involved with the project because of Anna’s enthusiasm and the direct impact her work has on improving the lives of Latvian orphans.


At the event I participated in, there was an impressive array of the children’s artwork. From etched leather book covers to paintings and postcards, each one was skillfully made with painstaking care. The best sellers of the night were hand stenciled greeting cards which were sold out within an hour. To add a special touch, the stories of each child who had made the artwork were attached.


The proceeds of the sale help repair the orphanages and allow the children to attend summer camp. Attending summer camp is the first opportunity many of the children have to leave their city. I urge others to assist Anna by either purchasing artwork or making a donation to this worthwhile cause.

By: Priyanka Mukerjea

August 1, 2014