The Art Of Giving Project

The Art of Giving Project

There are more than 4000 children in orphanages in Latvia – not a big number until you consider the fact that the country’s population is slightly over 2 million. The official number of orphans in Latvia might be even bigger. Yet no official statistics exist.

Many orphanages are in critical need of repair and improvements.

Violence, corruption, abuse, malnutrition and poverty are leading problems that affect orphans in Latvia. Children are abandoned by their parents primarily due to poverty and alcoholism. Whatever the reasons for the abandonment are, the children pay the price, left in poorly-maintained institutions and written off by society as future alcoholics, thieves, and prostitutes.

Art of Giving Project was started by Anna Litvak in 2010. At the time, Anna was working as a Delegate for the Permanent Mission of Latvian Republic to the United Nations. She has always had an idea of helping the children of the country she came from.  In Latvia, children make a lot of beautiful art work as part of the school program. However, the art work usually goes nowhere and, many times, is simply thrown away. Anna’s idea is to collect the art work and organize events through which the art work is sold and they money generated goes back to benefit the children. Being one of the youngest Delegates in the history of the United Nations and having access to the highest level of diplomats, politicians, actors, artists and philanthropists inspired Anna to start the Art of Giving Project in New York City.

The Art of Giving project seeks to form a relationship between the members of the global community and the Latvian orphanages, organize inspiring fundraisers and to raise money which will allow the children of Latvia to live normal, healthy and happy lives.

The Art of Giving Project is a project designed to organize fundraisers and other events where arts and crafts produced by Latvian orphans would be sold and the money collected will be used to provide humanitarian aid such as medicine, shoes, school supplies, computers, urgent medical needs, beds, clothes, etc., as well as orphanage improvement including repairs and renovations to orphanages on an ongoing basis.

The project has received full support and recognition from the former President and the First Lady of the Latvian Republic. So far the Project has organized three amazing fundraising events. Money raised was sent directly to the children in Latvia.

If you are interested in helping orphans and disabled children, there are several ways you can get involved with the Art of Giving Project. For example:

  • Help collect the art work from the orphanages in Latvia and mail the art work to the Art of Giving Project, located in the USA.⃰⃰
  • Be a sponsor at our next event.
  • Donate items/services to be auctioned off at our events
  • Spread the word about the Art of Giving Project

If you live in Latvia – we really need your help! You can help the Project with collecting the artwork from the orphanages and shipping the artwork to the United States. Anna Litvak can provide contacts of the orphanage directors for this purpose. Please email for more information.

In addition, although the Art of Giving Project is currently working with the orphanages located in Latvia, we have been approached by people from other countries who would like to apply the idea of the Art of Giving Project to projects in their countries. In light of this, the Project is interested in expanding its horizons and working with other countries.